You are SO done with fighting over money in your marriage!

You're constantly struggling with the lack of purpose, clarity and vision that you know God has for your finances. You know that this chaos will only lead to further stress, living paycheck to paycheck, owing 'ole Sallie Mae forever, and feeling like you're working JUST TO PAY BILLS....

Are you starting to believe that you'll never get ahead? You see, financial transformation starts with renewing the mind. Before you can execute any money goal, 

In "Make Your Money One: A 21-Day Journey Towards A Unified Money Marital Mindset" Rickette Williams lays out a Biblical roadmap that will help Christian couples, like you, look to the Bible and develop the cohesion needed to accomplish any financial goal. As a result, gain control today and execute the money plan that speaks to your underlying desire to buy more time with your family, create the freedom you desire, and focus on Kingdom work that leaves you feeling gratified.